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2014 Women Who Mean Business

Top: Buffy Domingue, Maren Rosen, Marie Desmormeaux Centanni, Lorna Bourg, Sarah Berthelot, Stephanie Bennett, and Marcelle Fontenot; Bottom: Patsy Randall, Sherry T. Broussard, Dr. Ann Dobie, and Melissa Bonin.


Friend and supporter, Governor Kathleen Babino Blanco (left) with Lorna Bourg (center) and Sister Helen Vinton (right).


Lorna Bourg (left) (speaking with IBERIABank Vice President, Carrie Curet, and IBERIABank Executive Vice President, Jerry Vascocu) was recognized for her nearly half a century of work with SMHA, from its humble beginnings in the cane fields of South Louisiana, to its creation of a $100 million secondary market with partner IBERIABank, policy work following the BP Oil Spill, and the construction of innovative neighborhood development, Teche Ridge.


SMHA staff with our special driver!


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