December 9, 1932 - August 5, 2023

Sr. Helen Vinton, S.P.

"Sr. Helen was a woman for all time. The seeds she planted have grown in many directions." - From Her Students

54 Years of Rich History and Transformational Change

Louisiana Needs Another Half Century of Southern Mutual Help

SMHA Invests In Communities, Businesses and Families

Our Mission is to Build Strong, Healthy, Prosperous Rural Communities

53 Years of Success - SMHA Expects and Gets a Return on Investment (ROI) and has Succeeded for Over Half a Century!

A History of Transformational Change

Against All Odds

Rural Recovery Response Lives On

Rural Recovery and Development

SMHA supports all aspects of Rural Recovery and Development, investing in communities that have had long term disinvestment, communities of color, disasters and small business investments

Rural Recovery Response Lives On

Covid-19 Response

We Reflect the Diversity of South Louisiana

SMHA Mission

Building Healthy & Prosperous Rural Communities in Louisiana

We Are Dedicated, We Are “Scrappy” and "We Make Change Happen"

With a Passion for Justice

About Us

Passion for justice drives who we are and everything we do.

We work with families and communities, partners and policy-makers, to dismantle policies and systems that shouldn’t exist, and to build the policy infrastructure and institutions of equity that should.

Who We Are


“Building Strong, Healthy, Prosperous Rural Communities”

Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. invests in communities that have had long term disinvestment in communities of color, disasters and makes small business investments. Rural Louisiana families and communities need your support more than ever.  

We Transform Rural Communities by …


Our Family





Return on Investment

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