SMHA’s “Blue Papers” are short, concise papers detailing the organization’s stands on specific areas.

Though written in the 1990s, the ideas presented in these “Blue Papers” demonstrate SMHA’s deep (and prescient) understanding of the issues impacting rural families and communities.

These “Blue Papers” are still relevant today!

Louisiana Commercial Fishers One of Louisiana’s greatest treasures is the culture, heritage and skill of traditional, multi-generational, commercial fishers. There are over 15,000 commercial fishers in Louisiana, and the impact of commercial fishing on the state is estimated to be 2.8 billion dollars.
Rebuilding Louisiana’s Environmental Assets The abundance and diversity of Louisiana’s natural resources is a national treasure: biodiversity, water, fertile Delta lands, coastal marshes, oil and gas deposits, semi tropical climate, fresh water fisheries, marine fisheries, a Gulf coast.
Rural Development in Pervasively Poor Communities A sustainable quality of life in rural Louisiana depends on comprehensive and integrated human and natural resource management.
Rural Economic Development SMHA has observed that millions in rural economic development dollars designed to be spent for economically distressed communities in Louisiana have virtually no impact on those communities.
Rural Housing Across America there is a growing consensus that two strategies work: Self-Development and Partnerships.
Sustainable Agriculture Sustainable agriculture is the fabric of a sustainable society. Agricultural commodities represent 10.2% of the State’s economy. This economy is primarily based on non sustainable use of our basic resources and on non sustainable methods and technology.

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