SMHA announces a $100,000 grant from the Power Coalition to support the work in Louisiana.

The Power Coalition believes in the power of community and taking action. Their goal is to equip Louisianans with the knowledge and information they need to find their voice, and learn where and when to use it.

SMHA has partnered with the West End Council of Neighborhood Association’s (WECNA) to help increase civic engagement in their community.  WECNA’s “Power of One” plan includes training in the community using SMHA’s “Make Change Happen, See Believe Do” trainers manual and interactive DVD.

WECNA recognizes that many persons are unaware of how laws that are passed can either help the community and their personal households, or hurt the progress of the families, and communities. That is why this Power of One is very important to educating individuals and communities.  Organizational groups are asked to be part of the training that will use real examples of some laws that have been passed that have had a positive impact, and some that have had negative impact locally, statewide, and federal.

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