December 15, 2016

New Iberia, Louisiana – “Life After City Hall” has already begun for Hilda Daigre Curry. Curry, who completes her term (and 12th year) as Mayor of New Iberia on December 31, has joined the team at Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc. (SMHA), an award-winning not-for-profit community development corporation based in New Iberia.
After 24 years as an educator and 17 years in public service, Curry is enjoying her time navigating the learning curve associated with working in a new field. “I’m coming into this knowing very little about the not-for-profit sector, but I know Southern Mutual and [SMHA CEO] Lorna [Bourg] from work we did together over the years,” says Curry. “Lorna promises me I won’t be bored, and I promised her that I would tell her as soon as I’m not having fun.”
Curry brings to SMHA her many years’ experience in government, providing valuable insight and advice to an organization that does not rely upon and has in fact eschewed nearly all government funding for over 20 years. She also brings her many connections both in and outside government, her skill as an educator and facilitator and her experience as a consummate team player who can help bring people with diverse opinions and perspectives together toward a common goal.
Working with SMHA gives Curry the opportunity to apply her many skills in a field that celebrates innovation and forward-thinking, and to experience an organizational culture that expects excellence, innovation and an entrepreneurial approach while remaining firmly rooted in its mission of building strong, healthy and prosperous communities.
SMHA co-founder and President and CEO Lorna Bourg says, “Hilda told me that one of the things she found most rewarding in her years as Mayor was the comradery and collaborative spirit she found as President of the Louisiana Municipal Association. I know that Hilda will find something very like that with SMHA, with our core team here and with the many individuals and organizations across the country we work closely with through our participation in regional and national networks.”
Bourg adds, “I think Hilda will be having fun for a long time.”

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