Dear Staff and Members of SMHA’s Board of Directors,SMHA has for the last decade maintained to foundations and policy-makers that their metro-centric approach and investment was not viable without understanding the importance of Rural America. Rural resources are not there solely to be extracted for cities and more importantly, the disdain or at best the lack of respect for and appreciation of rural families and communities was not going to build America’s future.

In January, America will have a new president. It remains to be seen if the next years bring a new-found discovery of the importance and power of Rural America.

Thank you for your service to SMHA’s mission. I pray there will be new ears to hear a more entrepreneurial approach, one that builds on the assets of families and communities.

In gratitude for your service,

Lorna Bourg

President, CEO

Southern Mutual Help Association, Inc.

3602 Old Jeanerette Road

New Iberia, LA 70563

Phone: (337) 367-3277

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