By: admin On: October 26, 2016 In: Life Quality

With a room full of policy makers and government officials, Schwartzman brought a message to the forum: “This country needs to learn from resiliency strategies coming out of fishing communities in Louisiana, because they are only some of the first in a long list of rural communities that will have to adapt to changing economies and changing climates in our next generation.”

SMHA is proud to have been invited to the White House Rural Forum in State College, Pennsylvania, on October 5th. Director of Life Quality Initiatives, Gabe Schwartzman, spoke about SMHA’s continued commitment to maintain a vibrant future for Gulf Coast communities. Schwartzman spoke on the Young Leaders in Rural America panel, alongside Whitney Kimball Coe, director of National Programs for the Center for Rural Strategies.

SMHA’s partnership with Center for Rural Strategies brings SMHA’s voice to the national stage at events such as the White House Rural Forum and the National Rural Assembly. SMHA is able to continue to advocate for policies that benefit rural coastal communities, and tell the stories of the people of the coast.

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