Teche Ridge Neighborhood Development Underway
12/17/2009 12:00:00 AM

Located near the intersection of Old Jeanerette Road and Emile Verret Road just outside the city limits of New Iberia is a unique real estate development one cannot find elsewhere in South Louisiana. Termed a "Traditional Neighborhood Development" (TND), the 100-acre area will feature residential and commercial properties as well as parks, walking paths, and green spaces. Convenient access to services and daily needs of life will be made possible by the careful, thoughtful design of the walkable community. 

A number of residential lots are currently available, as well as pre-conceived floor plans. Lots and plans vary in size, style, and affordability, but all offer beautiful new construction opportunities featuring curb appeal, thoughtful design, and desirable modern amenities such as cast iron tubs and granite countertops.

Teche Ridge is an avenue for families who desire to improve their lives through home ownership they may not have previously thought possible. A beautiful new home in an attractive neighborhood, regardless of overall square footage, can become a reality for consumers who have already established home buying credit as well as for those who have yet to accomplish this. 

SMHA's lending affiliate, Southern Mutual Financial Services, Inc. (SMFS), is prepared to offer mortgage loan packages to moderate or lower income borrowers. SMFS can supply financial backing for houses with values in upwards of $300,000, as long as the borrowers fall within its lending guidelines. SMFS, like a small-town bank, will spend time getting to know its prospective clients, determine if they have the potential to repay their debts, provide them with homeownership guidance, and give them a chance at securing a mortgage that they may not receive from a traditional lending institution.

The concept of the Teche Ridge TND is becoming a reality through the continuing collaborative efforts of SMHA, Steve Oubre of Architects Southwest, and the real estate firm Van Eaton & Romero. Phase 1A of the entire development is currently in progress, and a billboard on the property displays plat detail on currently available lots. Both SMHA and Van Eaton & Romero receive inquiries regularly, and some lots are already under contract or under reserve. More details of this development can be found at its website, Teche Ridge

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