Adventures in Citizenship

Adventures in Citizenship

An Interactive CD-ROM and Teacher's Guide

The Adventures in Citizenship kit was created to offer educators creative and fun tools to ignite the imagination and passion of future leaders and provide them with problem-solving and leadership skills essential to make democracy work and solve real-world problems.

The kit includes an interactive CD-ROM, a 223-page Teacher's Guide (on a separate CD) and a poster.

The interactive CD-ROM and lesson plans in the Teacher's Guide offer a variety of activities and approaches to help students in grades 4 through 8:
  • Make the connection between public policies and their everyday lives.
  • Recognize and believe in their power, as citizens, to make change happen.
  • Get the knowledge and skills they need to become change agents and full participants in the democratic process

    The Teacher's Guide includes:

  • An overview and outline of the CD-ROM, along with key concepts covered in each part
  • System requirements and tips for navigating the CD.
  • Creative lesson plans for using the CD in your classroom, along with reproducible worksheets.
  • A detailed chart correlating the lesson plans with social studies and other content standards and benchmarks.
The guide is illustrated throughout with scenes and characters from the Adventures in Citizenship CD-ROM. One of the main characters is Charmaine, a wise and experienced cat who helps guide the critters in the animated story on the CD through the public policymaking process. Likewise, Charmaine is featured throughout this guide, offering tips for teachers about the CD-ROM and lesson plans.

Part 1: What are public policies and how do they affect you?

"Rappin’ Boogie Bobcat” engages students with a "Public Policy Rap” and takes them on an interactive joy ride where they can discover public policy connections at home, at work, at school, at play and in the community.

Objective: To help students understand what public policies are, how public policies affect their daily lives, and their right and responsibility to have a voice in the public policy making process.

Click below to view a sample of Rappin' Boogie Bobcat's Public Policy Rap. Please Note: these files were compressed from their original, high-quality version available on the CD.

Part 2: The Saga of Soggy Bottom Swamp

Students get a front-row seat for "The Saga of Soggy Bottom Swamp,” where swamp critters face a life-threatening dilemma and then discover their power and, through the democratic process, save the swamp. (Run time: 17 minutes)

Objective: To engage students on an emotional level and provide an interesting, fun and inspiring illustration of the public policymaking process and the power of ordinary citizens to bring about change in a democracy.

Part 3 : What can you do about public policies?

This part is divided into three sections—"See,” "Believe” and "Do.” In it students discover the importance of knowing (1) what the current situation or problem is and what they want it to be, (2) how to find and use their power, and (3) what it takes to make change happen.

Objective: To reinforce the message of the Saga and give students practical and useful "how-to” information that will give them a jump start on tackling a public policy change.

SMHA Wants To Hear From You

To help us gauge the effectiveness of this product, please (1) administer the brief Student Self Assessment on pg 31 of the Teacher's Guide or HERE, as both a pre- and post-assessment instrument when you initially use the CD or any of the lesson plans or units in this guide and (2) use the form on page 30 to send us the pre- and post-assessment results. The form can be faxed to 337-367-3279, submitted on-line, or printed and mailed to SMHA, 3602 Old Jeanerette Road, New Iberia, LA 70563. We are not asking that you send the results each time you use the CD or lesson plans and units, only the first time. However, you may want to use the assessment instrument for your own evaluation purposes when you use the CD on other occasions.

Other feedback also welcome: The lesson plans in this guide were developed by an experienced team of teachers to illustrate how the CD can be used in the classroom. No doubt you and other teachers will come up with even more creative ways to use the CD to actively engage students in learning about civics, citizenship and other subjects. If you develop additional lesson plans, please send them to SMHA at the address above. In addition, please send us any comments you have about this product. (Also see page 223 of the guide for information about the "SEE, BELIEVE, DO Teacher Award.” Administering and reporting the pre- and post-assessment results as noted above is one of the requirements of the award.)



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