• The West End Council of Neighborhood Association leadership takes back the neighborhood by winning a city council decision to have blighted homes removed by owners.


  • Louisiana Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 58 by Senator Fred Mills

    During a disaster, SMHA's focus is on recovery and redevelopment gaining quick access for critical assessments, raising more than 10 million dollars and recruiting over 6,000 volunteers.

    Volunteers recovered 1,064 homes, churches and businesses across coastal Louisiana.

    SMHA has proven to be an essential component of recovery and redevelopment during rebuilding Louisiana after the most devastating storms in Louisiana's history.

  • Southern Mutual Help Association’s mission is to build healthy and prosperous rural communities in Louisiana.Building community capacity to make change.

    Providing access to affordable capital.

    Forging innovative partnerships and "building bridges” among unlikely partners.Increasing the capacity of institutions across all sectors to invest effectively in low-wealth communities.

  • West End Leadership Takes Back Their Neighborhood
  • SMHA Receives Senate Resolution for its support in disaster recovery.
  • Sister Helen Vinton visits with Douglas Wells during one of many trips to Plaquemines Parish after the hurricanes, where SMHA listened to the stories of the people.

Messages from SMHA


SMHA has for the last decade maintained to foundations and policy-makers that their metro-centric approach and investment was not viable without understanding the importance of Rural America. 

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